Old connections: HDMI to AV

How to connect your “Smart” Blue Ray Player to your Old AV Equipment!

Anyone who's walked into BestBuy, Costco, Walmart or any other Big Box Electronics store and looked at the Blue Ray players this year (2013) may have noticed a few interesting things. They have all kinds of “Smart” features like Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, Facebook and Twitter. Yes just add a “Smart” Device like a Blue Ray Player to any old “dumb” TV and that old TV becomes “Smart” enabled! That's pretty exciting and considering the prices of these players and all the Entertainment they can bring to your TV it's no wonder just about everyone wants one.

Well before you plunk down your credit card, take a little closer look at those Blue Ray players. The players are now tiny! How cute! And they are so simple looking! A button or two, a couple of connections – this should be a piece of cake to hook up!

OK, now if you have a relatively new TV and if you are using a surround sound system a relatively new one of those, you should be all set. As long as they have HDMI. Due to what's called “the analog sunset” most Blue Ray players and many set top boxes are eliminating all analog Inputs and Outputs. So no connecting that old TV. No connecting that old stereo. No hooking up that set of Computer speakers with the cute little subwoofer. Your stuff is too old there, old man...

So what do you do? Kneel down to the evil powers that be and buy a brand new TV and a brand new surround sound system?! You could. Or you could get an HDMI converter for what you need. Only have A/V inputs (Red/White/Yellow) on your TV? Only have Component Video on that TV? Using an older Stereo System for your Entertainment System? Don't Panic! There are ways to do these things...

How To:
HDMI to AV (Red/White/Yellow)
HDMI to Component Video (Red/Green/Blue RCA Connections)
HDMI to Analog Audio (Red/White Stereo RCA Connections) (Coming soon)
HDMI Split to new TV and Old Stereo
 (Coming soon)