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Monitor Cables and Adapters

The things you might want to know:
VGA Cables
- The generic name of "VGA Cables" is most often used for cables with the HD15 "D" style connector. It supports Analog RGB/HV video. Resolutions can be from 640x480 up to very high resolutions including Wide screen formats.
DVI Cables
- DVI Cables can support both Digital and Analog Video. Analog resolutions can be as high as VGA. Digital video resolution support depends on whether the cable and equipment support Single Link or Dual link. Single Link resolution goes up to 1920x1200@60Hz. Dual link goes up to 2560x1600@60Hz. All components need to support Dual link for you to acheive dual link resolutions.
- HDMI usually supports up to 1080p (1920x1080@60Hz) as does HDMI to DVI or vice versa. HDMI and HDMI to DVI is digital only, they do not support analog video. Connecting HDMI devices with HDCP copy protection to DVI Displays requires the DVI Display to properly support HDCP or the video is not allowed to pass.
DisplayPort (and mini DisplayPort) Cables
- DisplayPort Cables are the latest new standard. It supports digital-only Audio and Video like HDMI. In addition to HDCP, DisplayPort also uses DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection).

DFP Cables
- DFP was the precursor to DVI and is compatible with the digital portion of the signal. DFP does not support analog video.

              Geeky stuff you might find boring:
VGA Cables
- The HD15 "D" style connector uses "high density" pins which are smaller than the old school pins used for the D connectors used for Serial and Parallel ports.
DVI Cables
- see our DVI Cable Info Page with Pictures and Descriptions of the DVI Connector Types and Cables
HDMI and HDMI to DVI Cables
- see our HDMI to/from DVI Cable page
DisplayPort Cables
- Wikepedia's DisplayPort Page.

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Mini DisplayPort male to HDMI female Adapter, 6 inches long

Ram Electronics

HD15 Male to Male Cable, 6 feet long

Ram Electronics

Mini Universal DisplayPort Graphics Splitter with MiniDisplayport and Displayport Cables


VGA Male to Female Adapter


DisplayPort male to VGA female.


Mini DisplayPort to HDMI. 1080p Video with Digital Audio Adapter

Kanex Live

Dual DVI to Apple Cinema Display 24-Inch 27-Inch 2560x1440

Kanex Live
Kanex Live

Kanex iAdapt DVI Cable - 10 Feet

Kanex Live

High Quality VGA Extension cable, HD15 Male to Female, 360 degree shielded shell termination with ferrites and triple coax internal wiring: 3 COAX + 3 Twisted pairs + 2 conductors

Starting as low as $110.00
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