MIDI Cables

MIDI Cables - Musical Digital Interface Cables, for Sythesizers, Samplers, Drum Machines, Sequencers and DAW's

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  • MIDI cable 15 feet
    MIDI $12.95 Choose Options Choose Options
    CBI High Quality MIDI cable with Neutrik Connectors.  Reliable cable for all of your MIDI devices. ML2 24 AWG wired Cable Very Flexible Hand Soldered, All metal Neutrik Connectors Wired to MIDI...
  • Midi Cable, male to male, 15 feet Long
    55-906A $7.05 Add To Cart
    Midi Cable, male to male, 15 feet Long.  Midi Standard male to male cable  5 Pin DIN Plug Each End 15 feet Long Calrad 55-906A