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LCD/Plasma TV Wall Mounts

How to Choose a TV Wall Mount:
First, let us tackle the question on styles. Choosing the type of mount requires you to take a few factors into consideration. Displays should be viewed at eye level to avoid neck fatigue. When mounting the display above eye level a tilt mount or mounting the display as far from the viewing area as possible is recommended. Distance reduces looking up at a sharp angle. However, for standard tilt mounts as much as 4 inch spacing may be necessary. A corner mount location will require some swiveling and tilting to get the optimal view. Mounting on a wall that can be viewed from the sides requires a low-profile mount. This provides a neat side profile view and hides the connections. The newer low-profile mounts only require a 0.31 spacing between the wall and the display. If you are tilting the low profile mount a minimum spacing of 0.75 inches is required between the wall and the display. In addition, some ultra slim low profile mounts have less weight capacities. You want to stay with a high weight capacity fixed or tilt mount for the bigger displays, especially if ultra slim low profile is not a concern.
Excerpt from Blog - Connectivity Today: "Wall mounts for Flat Screen Displays"
See our Guide: "Wall Mounting a Flat-Panel Display"
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Low Profile 37" - 55" Articulating Flat panel Display Mount


Low Profile 26" - 42" Articulating Flat Panel Display Mount


Low Profile 36" - 60" Tilt Flat Panel Display Mount


Articulating 23" - 42" Flat Panel Display Mount

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