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IDC50 SCSI Adapters

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IDC50 female to HD68 female Adapter, for connecting tape drives, CDROMs or non-wide hard drives to Wide SCSI internal cables. HD68 is often called HPDB68 or MiniD68. This Adapter has no high byte termination, so it is ideal for narrow drives in the middle of a Wide cable. Using a high byte terminated adapter in the middle of a wide cable would normally cause extreme problems.


SCSI Internal-External Adapter IDC50 male to HD50 Female on L Bracket. IDC50 male internal connector to adapt SCSI-1/SCSI-2 systems with no external connector to have an external SCSI 50-pin High Density connector (HPDB50) (HPDB50 / MiniD50 female mounted on bulkhead bracket


DISCONTINUED - SCSI adapter IDC50 Male connector to DB25 Female connector , DB25 female is mounted on bulkhead backplate bracket to provide external SCSI