HDMI to AV for Blue Ray

Connecting HDMI to AV (Red/White/Yellow)

One of the more popular conversions from HDMI is to convert it to Standard Definition Video for use on a Standard Definition TV. Many people want all the features of an Internet connected TV without having to pay for a new “Smart TV”. Since most people today already have a broadband Internet connection, adding Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and Streaming Music services like Spotify and Pandora are easy to add and give you a big step up in online content accessibility. The problem is, due to what's called “the analog sunset”, just about all new Blue Ray players today have eliminated the Standard definition connections and only offer HDMI. The solution is to either buy a whole new TV (your perfectly good TV goes to a landfill, how wonderful) or to use the Blue Ray /Internet Player with an HDMI down conversion box.

Here's how to connect it. 
It's really so simple that anyone can do it!

Connect the HDMI output of the Blue Ray Player with an HDMI cable to the input of the converter. 

HDMI Out on Blue Ray Player

From the AV Out on the Converter plug in your AV Cables RCA Connectors (Yellow, Red and White color coded to make it easy) to a Free AV input on the TV.

Connections on the HDMI to AV Converter

Once connected, simply select that input with the TV remote and then use the Blue Ray player remote for accessing all the features of the Player. Getting around on Internet based content using a remote control can be frustrating if the interface was not designed with this in mind, but Netflix and some of the other service providers have found a way to make a simple and intuitive interface that makes it fairly easy.