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Digital to Analog Decoder, Converts Dolby Digital Audio or PCM Digital Audio to Stereo Analog Audio


This converter is your best choice to connect a TV's, settop box or DVD Digital output to your Stereo, wireless headphones or Home Theater System. With many TV's it will let you output all the HDMI inputs sound channels to analog Stereo.




Convert up to 5.1-channel audio encoded in Dolby Digital Surround to L/R analog audio -- without additional costly equipment! Supports either Bitstream or LPCM.


The GefenTV Digital to Analog Decoder takes audio encoded in Dolby Digital (at up to 5.1 channels) from your multichannel S/PDIF or TOSLINK digital audio source and converts it to L/R analog audio -- without the need for any other external equipment!


With the GefenTV Digital to Analog Decoder you can listen to digital audio sources such as DVD and CD players or digital computer audio on your legacy analog sound system, preserving your current investment.


How It Works

A coaxial or optical audio output on your digital audio source connects into the input on the Digital to Analog Decoder. The input type is chosen with the Decoder's selector button. The Decoder is connected to power. Analog RCA connectors on the Decoder output L/R analog audio to powered speakers.



This product is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby™ and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.



  • Converts S/PDIF or TOSLINK digital audio to L/R analog audio Digital interpolation filter and digital to analog converter (DAC)
  • Supports up to 6 channels (up to 5.1 Surround) of audio encoded in Dolby Digital
  • Auto samples at frequencies of 32, 44.1, 48 KHz24-bit incoming bitstream on left and right channels
  • Allows listening to digital audio sources on legacy analog sound systems
  • Saves money otherwise spent on stereo equipment upgrades
  • Compact and easy to install


Package Includes:
(1) GefenTV Digital to Analog Audio Converter
 (1) 5V DC Power Supply
(1) User's Manual


Cables Not Included.

Gefen GTV-DD-2-AA





easy to hook-up but the switch??
By Daniel
It was very simple to hook up. The directions made it straight forward. The switch to choose coax or opitical was confusing. I just kept switching until I heard sound. Red light or no red light??? What does that mean? don't know.
needed this for new hdtv
By submar
took a little time to connect after going to website with better instructions been working fine ever since.
Confusing Product but Seems to Work
By snowcreek
I was looking for a audio converter to allow me to plug in my wireless headphones into my brand new flat panel TV. Since there is only a digital optical audio output on the TV I needed a converter to get me to an analog left and right signal. This converter didn't work when I first plugged it in. After 5 minutes it got very hot and then started working. It then quit working, so I unplugged it thinking I would have to return it. The next day I plugged it in and tried it and it worked. Got only warm to the touch, and 1 week later it still works. Only con so far is that there is no indicator on the switch to tell you which input is selected, coaxial or optical.
Digital conversion to Legacy system
By bert
Overall very happy with the converter. After I started to hook it up was even more happy that it had a coax connection as well as the toslink. My silly Philips TV has a SPDIF connection that after everything was said and done is not compatable with the toslink connection. I was able to find a Digital coax cable, connect it, and hook it up to my old Bose Lifestyle 12 system. I (my husband) still have to use two remotes to control the volume but the sound is much better and in Surround. Thanks
Worked for me!
By Pam in Ohio
This deviced was recommended to connect a new HDTV with only optical audio out to my 1999 Bose Home Theater 5/1 system, which has only red/white connections, but sounds pretty good, as it was pretty expensive in its day. Now the HDTV sounds good too!
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  • Inputs: Coaxial and Optical digital audio ports
  • Outputs: Right and Left RCA-type Stereo analog output ports
  • Output Impedance: 500 Ohms
  • Output Voltage: 1.8V RMS @ Max Input (0dBFS)
  • Frequency Response: <+/-0.5dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB (20Hz - 20kHz A Weighting)
  • Power Supply/Power Consumption: 5V DC / 5W max.
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 70°C
  • Dimensions: 1.8" W x 1.8" H x 0.9" D
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb.

Package Includes:

  • (1) GefenTV Digital Audio Decoder
  • (1) 5V DC Power Supply
  • (1) User's Manual

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