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PACS (Professional Automation Control System) Gefen EXT-PACS


Get on the Network
For years, “Automation” meant “Wires- lots of them”. Each device that needed automating needed dedicated wiring run back to a centrally-located “brain” that controlled the system. Adding a new device meant adding a new control cable, which was a nightmare- especially after a project was completed.

Today, most automation runs on a network. Every device connects to that network wherever it is convenient, and the network routes control signals as needed. But what about equipment that doesn’t have a Network connection? Many products still need RS-232 or infrared (IR) control, or even trigger contacts to control them.

The Gefen PACS is an RS-232 and IR to IP Gateway, which lets you easily connect all of these devices to your network.

Simplify Your HiFi with WiFi

The Professional Automation Control System (PACS) allows IP control of Gefen devices using RS-232 or IR, and other A/V devices (displays, Blu-ray players, cable/satellite boxes, lighting systems, motorized screens, etc.) from any Web-enabled smartphone, WiFi tablet, laptop, or automation system. The Web user interface allows IR, RS-232, and 12V trigger commands to be sent by the PACS to the connected devices to execute the desired functions. The configurable IR, RS-232, and 12V DC trigger signals allow the PACS to be compatible with most A/V devices. The PACS can learn, store, and manage IR commands of different manufacturers' remotes. The 12V DC triggers are highly configurable to work with the different requirements of various devices. Use with the new Gefen A/V Automation System Processor to create a complete control system.

How It Works
Connect the serial-controlled devices to the PACS RS-232 ports. Plug the IR emitters into the PACS and place the LED's close to the IR sensors of the A/V devices to be controlled. Connect trigger leads of various devices to the trigger outputs on the back panel. Connect the locking power supply to the PACS. Connect an Ethernet cable between the PACS and the local network. Access the Web interface by typing in the correct IP address on your Web browser (default:, or by using Telnet. Configure the control interfaces (IR, RS-232, 12V DC triggers) via the Telnet/Web browser. Configure the Automation System to send commands to the PACS via IP.

Note: Trigger outputs are open-drain FET switch outputs that can each be configured to switch either from +12V to 0V (GND), or from floating (open circuit) outputs to 0V (GND). Triggers are capable of sourcing up to 100mA each at 12V DC. Use 12V DC relays to control larger devices or to control devices with unknown power requirements.

EXT-PACS Features

  •     Control A/V devices using IR, RS-232 control, and 12 V DC triggers over a Web-based IP control system
  •     Configurable Ethernet input supports Web browsers,Telnet, UDP, and TCP/IP
  •     Web Control with Graphic User Interface is designed to be viewed and controlled by home automation devices, computers, and mobile devices (e.g. cell phones with Internet browsers)
  •     10 trigger outputs (+12V DC; floating, or ground-referenced)
  •     Learns IR commands from manufacturers' remotes through front-panel IR receiver
  •     Store and manage IR commands from manufacturer remotes and access them via the Web control interface
  •     Eight discrete IR emitter outputs for multiple device control and IR routing
  •     Manage and control up to three RS-232 devices via Telnet or UDP interface
  •     Firmware upgradeable via Web interface
  •     Rack-mountable (using Gefen EXT-RACK-1U Rack Tray)


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EXT-PACS Specifications

  •     Output trigger connections: (10) pairs Phoenix connectors (+12V DC, 100mA, max.)
  •     RS-232 Serial Ports: (3) DB-9, female (supports Tx, Rx, and Gnd only)
  •     IR outputs: (8) 3.5mm two-conductor mini-jacks (2 x Dual IR Emitters included)
  •     IR Learning Window
  •     Ethernet Port: (1) RJ-45 jack, Shielded
  •     Power Supply: 12V DC, Locking
  •     Power Consumption: 20W (max with all triggers drawing 100mA each) / 2W (standby)
  •     Operating Temp: 0° - 40° C
  •     Dimensions: 8.4" W x 4.3" D x 1.65" H (half-rack size)
  •     Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.



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