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Gefen EXT-2IREMIT Dual IR emitter with 3.5mm Connector


Control AV Components at One Location -- with the Dual Infrared Emitter

The Dual IR Emitter Connects to a mini-jack on selected Gefen devices, extending IR signals outside of the Gefen box to external devices such as a DVD-Player or cable box. Now you can use your Gefen device as a single point of IR control for multiple devices in your AV system.

How It Works

Simply insert the 3.5mm mini-jack on one end of the cable into your master Gefen device, then attach one or more of the two IR emitters at the other end of the cable to the IR eye(s) of your AV components. The IR remote emitters on the end of the black cable affix directly over the IR eyes of controlled devices with a clear adhesive. You can now use the IR remote that came with your external AV equipment, while sitting in front of your Gefen device. 


  • Two IR emitters wired in series
  • Deep purple Lexan shell protecting each emitter
  • Discrete flexible black cable with tiny emitter
  • Strong and clear adhesive for secure attachment to IR window(s) of AV components

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Connector: 3.5mm (1/8") mini-mono plug

7 ft. overall cable length; 3 feet to each IR Emitter, 3 ft. to each IR Emitter

Shipping Weight: 1 lb.

Package Includes:

(1) Dual-Emitter IR Signal Retransmission Cable


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