DVI to HDMI adapters, converters, cables and scalers. To convert a compatible signal often just requires a cable or adapter, but when combing audio, or changing the signals resolution or format, a scaler is required. 

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    1T-DVI-HDMI $249.00 $211.65 Add To Cart
    DVI and SPDIF Coaxial Audio to HDMI Converter, with No Scaling.  1T-DVI-HDMI converts a Digital DVI signal to an HDMI compliant output allowing the viewing or switching of a DVI signal on an HDMI system. All standard...
    1T-HDMI-DVI $249.00 $211.65 Add To Cart
    HDMI to DVI and SPDIF Coaxial Audio Converter, No Scaling.  1T-HDMI-DVI converts HDMI compliant signals to Digital DVI format signals enabling display on digital HDTV monitors or input to DVI switcher devices. HDMI...