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Custom Series

We use studio grade cable on all our Custom Series cables and terminate them with a true 75 ohm crimp connector. A crimp connection is a gas tight cold weld connection to the wire with great mechanical and electrical performance properties. Some smaller gauge wires will not work with a crimp connector and are silver soldered.

Analog Audio:
Studio grade wire is a superior solutions for carrying any analog audio signal, it is the same quality used in the original recording.  Our stereo cables are made with silver plated connectors or crimp connectors for minimum signal loss.  All speaker cables have gold plated copper crimp ferrules or silver solder tinning to reduce copper oxidation and signal loss over the life of the cable.

Projector Installations:

Need to run component video over 30 feet in-wall? Belden 7710A, a three (3) RG6 coaxial bundle cable, is our best. Please note with a 0.770 diameter, it is thick and a little rigid. If you need more flexibility use three (3) separate Belden 1694A single coaxial wires.

For in-wall component runs under 50 feet, a three (3) RG59 coaxial bundle
GCC, is your best choice. A five (5) wire coaxial bundle, GCAO, is also available. The two additional connections can be used for either analog audio L/R, digital audio, composite video or s-video, with the proper adapter.

Plasma, LCD and other Flat Panel Installations:

In many applications, the GCAO is the best, since it can carry both audio and video.

Not installing the component video cable in-wall, our
C2A uses both Canare RG59 cable and matching Canare connectors and a great performer under 50 feet.

Connecting a computer to your monitor see our custom
VGA cables available in long lengths and in-wall rated. If you are connecting your computer to a HDTV, a converter box may be required.

If you have any additional questions, please contact technical support by email
or phone, during business hours EST, for additional information.


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Ram Electronics

Set of Black and White Jumpers, 12AWG with Silver Plated Spades

Ram Electronics
Ram Electronics

Jumper Cable, Gold Plated locking Banana to Silver Plated Spade, 11AWG, Black or Red color coded

Ram Electronics
Ram Electronics

Performance Cable delivers quality audio at a great value! (right-angle plug)

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $39.82
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Apple dock connector to a USB and 3.5 minim connector. Dock, charge, sync and play, all in one cable! MADE IN THE USA

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $49.77
Ram Electronics

iPro2 Dock to 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug Cable

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $36.90
Ram Electronics

Unique cable delivers a high quality audio connection at a great value!

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $57.50
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Canare RCA and BNC connectors terminated to Belden 1505F. Precision 75 ohm cable, very flexible. Made in the USA

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $185.00
Ram Electronics

RCA to RCA connector custom Belden 1694A cable, Canare or equivalent RCA connectors, white cable, boot color options listed. This is the Best Choice for Digital Audio (S/PDIF), Subwoofer, or Composite Video, Available in any length.

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $46.85
Ram Electronics

Silver-Flex Audio-Video Cable with Silver Plated RCA Connectors, color coded Black, Blue, Red or Green Anodized Aluminum Shells and White Belden 1505F Cable

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $79.99
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