For Cable TV or Satellite cable you need 75 ohm cable, generally RG6 is best for anything but short lengths, RG59 should work for short lengths, but is not really recommended.

Connectors: F Connectors are Standard. 
Canare Coax F Connectors are not susceptible to failure like inexpensive crimped on standard F connections that use the center bare copper conductor for a connector. These will always eventually fail to give a good connection.
1GHz splitters are all that is required for Cable TV, Digital Cable TV or Cable Internet. Satellite Requires 2.4GHz Splitters. Splitters always have loss, otherwise they are amplifiers.
HDTV Antennas:
Most are basically UHF Antennas, although you need to check your area ( to see if some VHF frequency channels exist in your area.

Satellite Specifics:
• Use Satellite splitters to split the LNB signal before connecting to multiple multi-switches.
• "All-Port" models pass polarization power on all ports so more than one multiswitch (and connected receivers) can control the LNB.
• "Single Port" models pass polarization power on only one port so only that, one, multiswitch controls the LNB.

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