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Portable USB audio converter for Mac or PC. Connects to headphones or any music system


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The Audioengine D3 DAC is the perfect interface between your computer and headphones or any music system.
The D3 is a high performance Digital-to-Analog Converter, or DAC, that allows you to connect directly to your computer’s USB port, instead of the 1/8” headphone output.  It's a simple way to improve the sound of headphones, A5+ powered speakers, or any audio system! 


  • Portable USB audio converter for Mac or PC.  Connects to headphones or any music system.
  • Stream bit-perfect native 24/96 HD audio. The heart of the D3 is the AK4396 DAC.
  • High-performance headphone amplifier based on the LME49726 low-noise opamp. Supports headphones with an impedance as low as 12 ohms.
  • Plug-and-play, no drivers or software to install.
  • Computer OS volume control.
  • Asynchronous data transfer with dual master clocks.
  • HD light indicator for sample rates above 48K.
  • Metal injection molded (MIM) aluminum case.
Audioengine D3 DAC

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