RAM Electronics carries a wide range of audio/visual supplies to ensure that your home, business, or event has the highest quality sound and video possible. From switchers & converters to adapters & connectors, we have what you need to get your system up and running. To get started, browse our categories below!  
For in home use, we carry a complete line up of home theater equipment, cables, adapters, headphones, and other items. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your living room or home theater, you’ve come to the right place! Browse through the products below to find the perfect items for upgrading your current setup. 
For business/commercial use, we carry the best products in the industry to make your event or presentation go off without a hitch. Choose from a huge selection of speakers, audio converter extenders, recording equipment, IR remote systems, digital signage & much more. 
Our Custom Series Cables are Broadcast Quality, using Professional Quality parts like Belden, Canare and Liberty. Our Custom Series is hand made in our New Jersey factory.

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  • Gold Plated Female DVI to Male HDMI Adapter
    RAMFMHDMI $4.89 Add To Cart
    Gold Plated Female DVI to Male HDMI Adapter  DVI-D Female to HDMI-Male adapter allows older DVI cables to plug into newer HDMI equipment. Gold plated connectors, and 24K Gold contacts, along with a molded, rubberized...
  • Shinybow SB-5642LCM front view
    SB-5642LCM $599.00 $451.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-5642LCM is Shinybows next-generation 4X2 HDMI Matrix Routing Switch, designed for multiple sources and displays. There are four HDMI connections for inputs and two HDMI connections for outputs located on the back...
  • Shinybow SB-5659
    SB-5659 $849.00 $698.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-5659 one (1) input x sixteen (16) output HDMI distribution amplifier allows users to connect any digital video source, such as: DVD, Satellite, Cable Box, and more with up to sixteen 16 digital HDMI displays. The...
  • Shinybow SB-6333x receiver
    SB-6333x $299.00 $224.00 Add To Cart
    Shinybow SB-6333x HDMI HDBaseT Transmitter and Receiver Kit, Extend HDMI HDBaseT up to 230 Feet (70M) (2-way IR, RS-232, HDMI)     The SB-6333R HDBaseT Receiver can receive the HDMI, IR Remote signals input or...
  • AudioQuest Suregrip BFA Banana Plug Kit, Silver Plated
    SGBFASKIT $39.00 Add To Cart
    AudioQuest Suregrip BFA Banana Plug Kit, Silver Plated, set of four Banana Plugs.  AudioQuest Suregrip BFA Banana Plug Kit, set of four Banana Plugs, Silver plated Contacts. 2 Red and 2 Black color coded connectors...
  • RCA to Mono 3.5mm Mini Plug S/PDIF Digital Audio Cable using Belden 1505F Cable
    SPDIF $23.25 Choose Options Choose Options
    RCA to Mono 3.5mm Mini Plug S/PDIF Digital Audio Cable using Belden 1505F Cable Digital or Analog Audio cable, 3.5mm (1/8") mono mini phone plug connector to RCA connector whit Belden 1505F cable.   Cable Features...
  • 2D to 3D HDMI Converter
    V223 $99.95 $34.95 Add To Cart
    2D to 3D HDMI Converter. Convert your 2D content to 3D for your 3D TV.  This HDMI 2D to 3D converter converts HDMI 2D format video from HDMI sources such as Blu-Ray players, DVD players, set-top boxes, PCs or other...
  • HDMI 1x2 Distribution Amplifier, with 3D support
    V312 $37.95 $29.95 Add To Cart
    HDMI 1x2 Distribution Amplifier, with 3D support The V312 3D 1x2 HDMI splitter distributes 1 HDMI source to 2 HDMI displays simultaneously. It offers solutions for HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, STB, DVD and Projector...
  • Sunix VGA2795
    VGA2795 $79.99 $77.99 Add To Cart
    USB 3.0 to DisplayPort Graphics Adapter with 4K Ultra-HD Resolution Support up to 3840x2160 The SUNIX VGA2795 USB 3.0 to DisplayPort Graphics Dongle provides a unique solution to add extra displays to a computer...
  • Audioengine W3
    W3 $149.00 Add To Cart
    Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter - Play all your music wirelessly from any audio device or computer to your Audioengine powered speakers, stereo receiver, or...
  • WBT-0610Ag
    WBT-0610AG-KIT $400.00 Add To Cart
    WBT-0610Ag Nextgen Signature Silver WBT Banana Plug Set, 4 "Safety Line" Banana Plugs, 1 Torx key, boxed.  Designed after the WBT-0645 angled plug, the WBT-0610Ag banana plug enhances overall performance by utilizing...
  • Female XLR to 3.5mm Mono Plug Cable, 6 feet Long
    10-144 $6.75 Add To Cart
    Female XLR to 3.5mm Mono Plug Cable, 6 feet Long. Microphone Adapter cable  XLR Female 3.5mm (1/8") mono mini plug connector
  • Female XLR to 3.5mm Stereo male Plug adapter cable, 1 foot long
    10-145-1 $6.75 Add To Cart
    Female XLR to 3.5mm Stereo male Plug adapter cable, 1 foot long.  Wiring pinout: Pin 1 & 3 - ground / Pin 2 - hot.   XLR Female 3.5mm Stereo Plug Black PVC jacket  Shielded...
  • Calrad 10-99 Mic adapter
    10-99 $24.70 Add To Cart
    Mic Adapter for high/low impedance. Connect your low impedance microphone to a 1/4" high impedance input with this Dual impedance Line matching Transformer. Comes with high/low switch built in, switchable between 600...
  • Audio Authority 1185CI
    1185CI $250.00 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority 1185CI Multi-mode HD Distribution Amplifier.  The 1185ci is a distribution amplifier specifically designed with the needs of custom home and commercial integration in mind. High bandwidth component...
  • Audio Authority 1366
    1366 $369.00 $332.10 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority 1366: PC and-or HD Converter and Scaler with advanced Audio Processing.  The PC / HD scaler can convert either VGA to component, component to VGA, VGA to VGA, or component to component, while preserving...
  •  ProCable® Shortz 3.5mm, 4-conductor Audio Splitter
    13751 $6.95 Add To Cart
    ProCable Shortz Audio Y-Splitter for Audio and Mic The perfect solution for sharing audio privately among two people Description: RadTech's ProCable 3.5mm, 4-conductor Y-splitter cable allows the use of 2 headsets with one...
  • Audio Authority 1392A
    1392A $249.00 $224.10 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority 1392 1-in 2-out HDMI Distribution Amp Splitter.  Model 1392A distributes HDMI audio and video signals from one source to two HDMI displays. Audio Authority 1390-series HDMI Distribution Amplifiers use...
  • Belden 1810A
    1810A $96.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    Belden 1810A 14 Gauge High Flex Multi Conductor Speaker Cable. Bulk, 14 AWG stranded (104x34) bare copper conductors, PVC insulation, conductors cabled with fillers, paperwrap, overall PVC jacket. Electrical...
  • 1T-AP-299
    1T-AP-299 $219.00 $186.15 Add To Cart
    Dolby® Digital to Analog Audio Converter, Coaxial, Optical Formats LPCM 2.0, Dolby® Digital, 96kHz.  The tvONE 1T-AP-299 Dolby Digital to Analog Audio Converter is a versatile tool that provides...
  • 1T-CT-570
    1T-CT-570 $595.00 $505.75 Add To Cart
    DVI-D over Fiber Optic Cable Transmitter-Receiver Set, Maximum Resolution 1080p, 1920x1200.  1T-CT-570 Series DVI Fiber Optic Extender is a high performance system used to transmit PC and HDTV video at resolutions up...
  • 1T-CT-654A
    1T-CT-654A $325.00 $276.25 Add To Cart
    HDMI ver1.4a over Single Cat5e/Cat6 HDBaseT 5Play extender - Receiver only.  The tvONE 1T-CT-653/1T-CT-654A HDMI over Single Cat.5e/Cat.6 system consists of a 1T-CT-653 Transmitter coupled with a 1T-CT-654A...
  • 1T-DA-462
    1T-DA-462 $110.00 $93.50 Add To Cart
    1x2 Ultra Compact RGB or Component Video (YPbPr )and Stereo Audio DA.  The 1T-DA-462 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier provides 2 VGA type outputs plus Stereo Audio for use in any situation requiring multiple outputs from a...
  • 1T-DA-552
    1T-DA-552 $325.00 $276.25 Add To Cart
    1x2 DVI-D DA. HDMI v1.3 Compatible. HDCP Compliant. Maximum Resolution 1080p, 1920x1200.  Provides 2x DVI outputs from a single digital DVI source. The 1T-DA-552, 1T-DA-554, 1T-DA-564 DVI-D Distribution Amplifiers...