Audio Distribution Amps

Audio Distribution Amps - Stereo analog and multichannel digital audio distribution amplifiers for professional and home use

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  • Shinybow SB-3705 front view
    SB-3705 $97.90 $81.00 Add To Cart
    1x4 Stereo Audio (AR/AL) Distribution Amplifier Shinybow SB-3705 The 1x4 Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier works as a splitter for Stereo Audio applications. It is capable of splitting a Stereo Audio signal from one...
  • shinybow SB-3710
    SB-3710 $159.00 $125.00 Add To Cart
    1x4 Digital (Coax PCM) and Analog Audio Splitter, Shinybow SB-3710 The 1x4 Digital/Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier is designed to work as a splitter for Digital/Analog Audio applications. Capable of splitting a...
  • Toslink Digital Audio Splitter
    POF810 $9.95 $8.79 Add To Cart
    Toslink Digital Audio Splitter, 1 Toslink female input, 2 female outputs.   This splitter proves easy, flexible solutions for distributing an audio signal into two separate digital receiving or recording equipment. The...