Audio Cables

RAM Electronics carries a full range of audio cables to suit every application. For both home and commercial use, we carry cables from top manufacturers in a variety of lengths & gauges to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for. Browse categories below to get started!

To help you get started, take a look at our brief overview of cable types:

Stereo analog Interconnects - The usual stereo pair of cables that  you are probably familiar with.
Digital Audio Cables - Normally thought of as one of two types; Coax or Optical. Coax is a copper cable, usually with RCA connectors for "consumer" devices and is sometimes calleda S/PDIF Cable. The Optical version is called "Toslink" and uses plastic fiber for signal transmission of optical signals.
Subwoofer Cables -  A single analog interconnect rather than a stereo pair.
Speaker Cables -  Heavy gauge wire or cable which is necessary to transfer power from the main power amplifier or Receiver.
Multichannel Audio cables - Contain a number of Analog audio cables inside of a single cable jacket to cut down on clutter.
Mini Plug cables - Uses the small 3.5mm (1/8") connector popular on MP3 players, Walkman portable type players and Computer Audio outputs.

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Viablue NF-S6 AIR Silver RCA Cable, 1 Pair


ViaBlue SC-4 Silver-Series Single-Wire Speaker Cable with Crimp Sleeves, 1 Pair

Starting as low as $693.99

Male XLR to Dual Female XLR. Length 1 Foot.

Starting as low as $22.38
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" High quality audio at a great value!

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $23.35

Belden Quad 14 Awg Speaker Cable 1810A, color Black

Starting as low as $1,370.00
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Connect portable audio devices to your sound system!

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $30.94
Ram Electronics

Bulk Four conductor 16 AWG flexible speaker Cable, by the foot. Black Jacket, Star Quad construction.

Ram Electronics

Converts female Std.Toslink cable into male Mini Toslink!


Canare 4S11 Bulk Speaker Cable, Star Quad

Starting as low as $625.00
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