Adapters and Connectors

Adapters are great for connecting an audio or video source, so you can listen or view your program. Video connections may require a video converter to work properly. Please see our Video Converters for assistance with your selection.

Identifying the right connector is critical for selecting the correct adapter. Here are some of the common connectors, configurations and their usage:

2.5mm miniature stereo(three bands) - older cellphone for microphone and mono headset.

3.5mm (1/8") miniature mono(two bands) - older camcorder as a microphone or mono headset connection.
3.5mm (1/8") miniature stereo(three bands) - mp3 players, iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer sound and stereo headsets.
3.5mm (1/8") miniature 4 pin(four bands) - iPhone, iPad, smartphones with microphone and stereo headsets, computer sound and multi-channel computer sound cards.
1/4" phono mono(two bands) - PA speakers, microphones, sound or video boards and pro-level connections.
1/4" phono stereo(three bands) - PA speakers, microphones, large headsets, sound or video boards and pro-level connections.
RCA Phono - composite video, component video, analog or digital audio, subwoofer and receiver.
XLR - microphones, sound boards, speakers and pro-level connections.
S-video - round mini din used for composite type video
Toslink - fiber optic multi-channel sound from set-top boxes, digital tuners and HDTV audio outputs.

Nothing is more important to your cable than the connector on it's end! And we have some great ends. WBT, ViaBlue, Liberty, Neutrik, Switchcraft, G&H, Calrad and other high quality brands. Tin, Copper, Silver and Gold plated connectors available to match your equipment.

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WBT-0610Ag Nextgen Signature Silver WBT Banana Plug Set, 4 "Safety Line" Banana Plugs, 1 Torx key, boxed.


WBT-0645-KIT, Set of 4 WBT Stacking Banana Plugs, 1 Torx™ key, boxed. The WBT-0645 is easily stackable for bi-wiring.


WBT-0661Ag Signature 1/4" Silver Spade Connector Set, 4 Spades, 1 Torx key, boxed


Nextgen WBT-0610Cu Signature Banana Plug Set, 4 Safety Line Plugs, 1 Torx Key, boxed.


WBT-0150-KIT, Set of 2 WBT-0150 Topline RCA plugs, WBT™ solder, 1 Torx™ key, boxed


WBT-0101-KIT, Set of 4 WBT Topline WBT-0101 RCA plugs, WBT solder,Torx key, boxed


WBT-0210Cu nextgen Topline RCA Connector Set, 2 Sockets, WBT™ solder, boxed


WBT-0147-KIT, Set of 4 WBT-0147 Midline RCA plugs, WBT™ solder, Torx™ key, boxed


WBT-0108-KIT, Set of 4 WBT Topline WBT-0108 RCA plugs, 12 ferrules, 1 Torx™ key, boxed