About RAM Electronics

Founded in 1977, Ram Electronics brings over thirty years of manufacturing and design experience to the audio, video and Home Theater connecting and cabling market. Established in 1999, our internet store sells Audio/Video, and computer cables and accessories online. We expanded our product offerings to include a variety of connectivity solutions for home theater distribution and switching, audio/video converters, computer networking, and many other types of connectivity products. Our popular iPod cables and Elite Series Audio/Video cables have received high praise and critical reviews for exceptional performance.

We build all our custom cables in-house. Many custom cables come with an unconditional 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty. We encourage our customers to experience their quality and value. Our in-house research and testing on product, allows us to provide technical support and feedback to our customers and suppliers. Our focus is to offer quality products whose performance, functionality and cost will distinguish us from any of our competitors. In-house expertise uniquely qualifies us to bring the innovative manufacturing practices and engineering knowledge from our commercial side to the audio, video consumer and professional installer markets. Inputs and feedback from our customers are encouraged and used to improve our products and performance.

RAM is also a Contract Manufacturer of Electronic Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies.
Please Visit www.RAMOEM.COM for more Information.

OEM Cable and Wire Harness Contract Manufacturing Services:
Wire Harnesses, Coax Cables, Flat Cables, Ribbon Cables, Wire prep, Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Mission Statement
To sell top quality connecting, converting and networking products, built in-house or from a qualified partner supplier. Our customer will receive up to date information on product performance and delivery, communicated professional for a superior product value.

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Local or outside the USA: 856-864-0999

FAX: 856-786-2244