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T6s RCA Plugs (Solder)

ViaBlue T6s RCA Plugs (2 pairs) Solder Version

ITEM: 30506

Product description:

ViaBlue™ T6s rca plugs have contact pins made of bronze which are 24 carat gold-plated. The shells are made of aluminum. Two types are available, a solder and a screw version. The solder version can carry cables up to 9.5 mm diameters and the screw version up to 8.5 mm diameters. The screw version is assemblable completly without soldering.

For the assembly the stripped cable ends are soldered at the contact part of the T6s plug. The contact part can be removed completely from the plug's shell. The M4 screw serves as strain relief. With included diameter decreasers all cables from 3-9.5 mm can be assembled and fixed tight in the T6s RCA solder connector.





Technical specifications:

  •     Max outer diameter: 13.5 mm
  •     Contact: RCA norm
  •     Finishing: 24 Karat Gold plated
  •     Total length: 45.0 mm
  •     Max cable input: for cables with Ø 3 - 9.5 mm
  •     Marking: black / red
  •     Screws: 1.5 mm Hexagon
ViaBlue T6s RCA Plugs Solder Version

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